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Thank you for visiting and welcome to my website. If you want to read a bit of sci-fi action you’ve come to the right place.


“My inspiration to write Red to Fade came from the movie Terminator 2 and the director James Cameron,”says Omagh author Sebastian, whose passion for IT and action movies has inspired his debut novel. “I have a lot of experience with IT and watching movies, which is relevant to Red to Fade, which contains lots of IT terms and action sequences,” says Sebastian, whose novel will appeal mainly to readers that enjoy science fiction stories and movies, such as The Matrix and the Star Wars saga.

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red to fade sebastian hamdam

In the year 2100, a large population of a peaceful new race, known as morphians, has entered into the Mars atmosphere in the most advanced and hi-tech spaceships ever built.


The morphians wish to create life on Mars... FIND OUT MORE