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Author of Red to Fade & creator of Sci-Fi-Action.com


Sebastian Hamdam’s sci-fi thriller is inspired by his love of IT and action movies.


Aged 33, Sebastian Hamdam is an IT geek turned writer and he’s had a huge passion for sci-fi action since birth. Seb’s favourite action movie is Terminator 2. He’s a huge Arnie and James Cameron fan. Red to Fade, launched in 2015, is Seb’s first Novel and in writing it he drew heavily upon his experience from studying IT for many years, watching hundreds of action movies and reading action stories.


Between the ages of 24 and 33 Seb lived in 5 different cities in 4 different countries, including: Australia, New Zealand, England and Ireland. He also has experience of working in Canada. Born in Omagh, Ireland, Seb spent 6 years in studying IT, before qualifying as an IT technician and working in different IT jobs in Ireland and England.


Since departing from the IT world Seb is completely devoted to Science Fiction action writing. Red to Fade, is aimed at readers, who are male or female, aged from 18 to 30, who enjoy science fiction stories and movies, such as The Matrix, the Terminator films and the Star Wars saga.

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